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Recent studies show that 63% of men suffer from small penis syndrome. This is the the anxiety associated with one may experience believing that their penis is too small. In addition, 5% of men at 40 and between 15-25% of men at 65 suffer from long term Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Between these two major issues it can be unhealthy for relationships adding extra stress to an already stressful situation. Whether it is anxiety about size or legitimate ED, there is help. Sildaxin, a new formulation of Sildaxin with 50% more of clinically studied L-Arginine, can provide a solution to this problem.

If you are looking to increase your size, enhance girth, relieve erectile dysfunction or increase your interest level in sexual activities with your partner, Sildaxin can support male virility. This powerful, natural male enhancement formula aims to give men back the full functionality of their penis. It can help improve your confidence and lead to longer lasting and more satisfying sex. Order a package today and enjoy feeling younger and more virile while ending the embarrassing struggle of small penis syndrome, ED or any other age-related issues that restrict your sex life and make you feel like less of a man.


Sildaxin Now Has 50% More L-Arginine

The history behind L-Arginine is long. It has been extensively studied for results in improving the male libido. Countless trials have proven it has exceptional benefits in increasing testosterone production, nitric oxide levels and the desire for sex.


This human growth hormone has a multitude of benefits and is the source of male vitality and virility. As men age, their is approximately a 2-4% decrease in testosterone levels after the age of 25. This affects many biological functions. It can cause a decrease in muscle strength, tissue repair, metabolism, energy, endurance and libido. Low T levels also cause increased weight gain and can lead to partial or even total erectile dysfunction.


Produced naturally in the body, NO is a well known vasolidator. What that means is that when present in the blood stream, it cause the expansion of the smooth muscle tissues in which line the blood vessels. This inner lining is known as the endothelium. Once it expands, it increases the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, thus improving blood flow. This is important for those with erectile dysfunction as it causes increased blood to flow into the erectile tissues and in turn improves the ability to obtain an maintain a full erection. In addition, it also increases the size, girth and strength of erections. This will improve confidence and sexual enjoyment for you and your partner.


Is Sildaxin Safe To Use?

Sildaxin is not an entirely new product. It has been used to treat ED for years. It also only uses clinically proven and tested ingredients. It has been formulated to provide maximum results while adhering to strict guidelines for the safe treatment of erectile dysfunction and improvement of erections. Many customers have used this product and stand by its results even over the “blue pill.”

Using Sildaxin can help provide:

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