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Is Thunder – Male The Sexual Enhancer You’ve Been Seeking?

If you’ve thought about taking a male enhancement supplement, you’re not alone. Over 30% of men experience sexual dysfunction. And even if you don’t feel like you’re “dysfunctional,” you may be here checking out Thunder Male Enhancement because you feel frustrated with your underperformance. You may feel like less of a man if you experience less urges of sexual desire, vigor, and vitality. Did you know that your awesome sex drive is largely made possibly by the male sex hormone, testosterone? Read on to learn more about what Thunder might do for you! Or, if you’d rather just see our favorite male enhancements now, click any button to find where you can buy them!

Before we get more into Thunder Male Enhancement, let’s review some male enhancement facts. Why does your sex drive go down as you age? Once you hit 30 (or earlier) you may start noticing changes in your sexual desire. This can be caused by many reasons, but a contributing factor may be because your testosterone (T) levels are waning. They start going down as you age! These testosterone hormone levels are highest when you’re around 18 years old (remember how horny you were then?) That’s why male enhancements like Thunder Pills exist! So you can boost your testosterone levels like when you were younger. Will it work for you? Keep reading to find out! Or you can just tap the banner below to be redirected to our top rated sexual enhancers!


Does Thunder Male Enhancement Work?

The Thunder Pill may work for you if you have low testosterone and you respond well to its ingredients. Heightening your levels of free testosterone may even help battle erectile dysfunction. If Thunder Male Enhancement works for you, it may help increase both your desire and your performance in this way. Will Thunder ME work for you? You’ll have to give it a try!

Thunder Pills Ingredients

The Thunder Male Enhancement Formula contains a testosterone supporting herbal and plant blend including Tongkat Ali, Ginseng Root, Maca Root Powder, Potency Wood, and Oyster Shell Extract. This article on Chinese medicinal treatments for erectile dysfunction speaks to some of these ingredients. In the article, it talks about Ginseng being able to increase hormones like testosterone, enhancing sexual responses for both men and women. In this same article, it talks about Tongkat Ali, which is used as an aphrodisiac, also increasing testosterone levels. Maca Root is also discussed. Like Ginseng, Maca is used for increased libido, strength, and sexual function. Oyster Extract is also cited in this article which claims that it is excellent for male reproductive health. We encourage you to do your own research on these ingredients as well. You can compare ingredients by clicking any button on this page to find other male enhancers as well!

Thunder Pills Side Effects

According to researcher from Harvard Medical School, the most common side-effects you can expect from male enhancements include headache, upset stomach, flushing, nasal congestion, problems with vision, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, rash, and dizziness. Also, if you have an erection that lasts more than four hours needs medical attention and should go to the hospital or you will risk permanent damage! So be aware of the risks involved in taking this or any other male enhancement supplement. Speak with a  physician if you have any major medical problems or medications that you need to check interactions for.

Thunder Pills

Ways To Help Your Performance And Anxiety With Thunder-Male:

  1. Yoga & Meditation – If you struggle with intense anxiety just in general as well as in bed, consider taking up yoga and meditation. These activities can help you find an inner calm even among your stressful and anxiety inducing thoughts and feelings.
  2. Good Communication – Open, honest communication with your partner may be the biggest key to solving your performance anxiety problem. Even though as guys, you don’t always feel like talking about uncomfortable subjects, c’mon: if you’re sleeping with her, you should be able to talk to her. Chances are that you’re worry about stuff she isn’t even thinking about.
  3. Back Off On Jacking Off – Masturbating too frequently can affect your performance with your partner. If you stop doing this for an extended period, you may find that your performance issues disappear! Don’t waste your sexual energies on yourself; save them for your partner.
  4. Just Don’t Give AF – Stop caring so much if you go soft! Your penis may have a mind of its own (okay guys, you know it does!), so just let it do its think. You may find that you bounce back as soon as you stop caring.
  5. Emotional Literacy – If you are carrying around with you some heavy emotions that are weighing you down (and that you haven’t dealt with yet), this can negatively impact your ability to perform in bed. I mean, who is going to be able to sustain an erection if you’re preoccupied with, say, unresolved guilt, shame, anger, or sadness? Become emotionally literate so you can let go and enjoy yourself, your life, and let your partner do the same.

Where To Buy Thunder Male Enhancement

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Thunder Male Enhancement